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According to World Health Organization (WHO) a vast majority of people (about 80%) in the developing world relies on herbal medicines for their primary healthcare needs. There are 89 plant-derived drugs currently prescribed in the industrialized world. 
Game Changer
The World Health Organization (WHO) said it was encouraging research into natural medicines in Africa against Covid-19 and other epidemics. EXPERTS from WHO and two other organizations have "approved a protocol for Phase 3 herbal medicine clinical trials for Covid-19,"
Major Dilemma
Today, the world-wide health market is undergoing a product repolarization. 8 Million people are hospitalized each year for the ailments caused by the ingestion and side effects of prescription drugs. People are buying fewer pharmaceutical drugs and more health foods, preventive herbs and vitamins. Good herbal products have tendency to make people sick less often. 
The Solution
Use of biotechnology and genetic engineering for the production of plant-based medicines (Cell culture, targeted biosynthesis, etc.). Demand of plant-based medicines for age-related disease (autoimmune, and degenerative diseases). Preventive medicines (antioxidants, vaccines, nutritional therapy, etc.) will be more important.

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Developing Markets

We Have Developed Tools to Grow Our Markets

Governments in developed countries, especially in Europe, have also been quick to consider the growing demand for herbal medicine and have funded significant research efforts to enhance the precision and sophistication of the area. It is likely to be a substantial driver for the Herbal Medicine Market over the forecast period.
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